Friday, August 22, 2014

Many Hats

So.  I've been gone for awhile again.  Sorry about that.

I've just been a bit busy with the travel agent thing.  And hanging out with a 2 year old every day.  And cooking meals that no one wants to eat.  Seriously, these kids don't want meals.  They want berries and bananas and peanut butter sandwiches.  It's not a terrible problem to have -- they love their fresh fruit.

I've also taken on a new role recently.  Remember Camp Throwback from earlier this Spring?  I'm now on staff as Camp Intern.  I'm stoked.

If any of you have a business that would like to sponsor Camp Throwback, contact me here.  Sponsors get A LOT of social media love from campers and Brittany.

And now, for your enjoyment, I present the Camp Throwback Buzzfeed "10 Things That Happen At Camp Throwback."

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Some people smoke or drink when they get stressed.

I match up funny pictures with requests on the local Facebook selling wall.

I like my way better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Camp Throwback 2014 Recap

I've been a chronic over-packer.  Even a few trips to Europe with Rick Steves as my travel guru hasn't broken me of this.  Add in the fact that I have to bring my own linens, and it's out of control.  For 4 days at Camp Throwback, I felt it was necessary to bring the following:  all of my make-up - all of it, my Kindle, a fan, 2 extension cords, my Clarisonic, Spanx, and 5 pairs of shoes.  I left my purse at home, unlike Meredith.

1.  I was a wee bit late.  2. Because that was my suitcase when I should have been driving.  3.  Brittany is a crafty lady.  
Camp Throwback?  Oh it's just this amazing place where 100 strangers meet in the woods to drink, make friendship bracelets, and try to be the first person out in dodgeball.  At least that's what I did.

My cabinmates were awesome.  Four of the seven were from Central Ohio, so I wouldn't be surprised if we ran into each other regularly.  Becky was from Minnesota and my patented unintentional accent adoption was in full swing by the end of the week.  Becky was also kind enough to explain "hot dish" to me after we spent 20 minutes discussing the merits of Garrison Keillor and A Priairie Home Companion.

Ashley and I made a little side trip to the ol' WC and stocked up on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Mine were circa 2002 or earlier, so they'd seen better days.  PS - ask Ashley to make you a friendship bracelet.  She's, like *really* good at it.

I was really apprehensive about Field Day on Saturday.  You see, sports aren't really my "thing."  However, after a few drinks, I was all "3-legged race?  I'll *own* the 3-legged race!"  (I didn't.  Our string broke 30 seconds in, but I like to think that we would have won)

I also tried a Bloody Mary for the first time.  When asked if I like tomato juice, my reply was, "I like chili, is that the same?"

I also got to hang out with a few of my favorite bloggers and hear some stories that didn't make it to the blog (yet?  I'm looking at you Jess).

1. "Home" for the weekend.  We had a cabin mouse.  2.  Awesome 90's cookies.  3.  Ashley pretending it's 2002.  4.  Brittany and I in our 90's gear.  5.  Friendship bracelet.  6.  I moustache you to participate in field day.  7.  Shouldn't we be singing Make New Friends by this point?  8.  Chili Dan's Bloody Mary - yum!  9.  It's basically health food.  10.  Duraflame sponsored our nightly campfires.  11.  Welcome to camp!  12.  Watermelon eating contest.  13.  A bit of puff paint for team spirit.  14.  Ashley's super-good at friendship bracelets.  15.  Oof.  16.  At this point, I was hoping for some a/c.  

I'd like to thank the sponsors of Camp Throwback - DuraflameCrotchGearMercyMoroccan OilChili Dan’s, and The TravelSmith.  

Seriously, Jess.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Camp Throwback - An Addendum to the Packing List

Guys, I'm going to summer camp.  Like, for adults.  Camp Throwback Spring Session is this week!  It'll be just like when I went to 4-H Camp, but there will be booze.

I'm super excited to see everyone!  Let me know if you'll be there by commenting below!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Homeowner Hack: Touch-Up Paint without a Paintbrush

I could have also titled this "Kids are Hell on Walls."

We're getting ready to celebrate Cora's 4th Birthday tomorrow.  Her actual birthday was earlier in the week, but with family over an hour away, you tend to make these things happen on weekends.

Our kitchen walls around the table are full of scrapes from chairs and tables.  There was also what appeared to be a mural of splashed juice behind Lily's seat, but that was easily remedied with soap and water.  Because I'd like some cute pictures when Cora blows out her candles (CRAP - I have to go buy candles!), I decided to touch up the paint and make those marks disappear.

Seeing as how my father in law reorganizes our basement every time he comes over, I had no idea where any of the paint brushes might be.  I remembered this little trick from when I touched up the paint last year.  Can you guess my secret weapon?

Calm down, I didn't ruin the jar.  I painted the inside and I'm going to use it as a vase.
Yep!  One of those super-cheap make-up sponges.  Normally I'd use this in conjunction with a solo cup, but I had other plans today.  Because what is make-up, if not paint you put on your face?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Next time, Tinkerbell stays home

Happy Easter!

We managed to make it to church this morning and we were EARLY. That never happens. The kids even sat still for the entire service. The most out of line thing they did was Lily clapped and cheered after every song and Cora brought her Tinkerbell doll up to the front during the children's sermon.  (Side note:  We decided that Tinkerbell, being a fairy, was a bit pagan to bring in to church.  Oops)  There was an egg hunt during sunday school, where I aerated the lawn because I wore heels.

We got exactly zero photos of us dressed in our church clothes, but lots in pajamas and play clothes.

I hope your Easter was a bubble-filled wonderland!