Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercising My Right to Vote

...which lately is the only exercising I've done.  AMIRITE? 

Today is election day.  If I said I wasn't worried, I'd be lying - and I'm a terrible liar.  

Long story short, Mitt Romney terrifies me.  For many reasons, but here are the top four.

1.  He's too concerned with my vagina. - As someone that has had 2 difficult pregnancies due to pre-eclampsia, the fact that Romney and Ryan are vague at best about their stance on abortion means that if a woman's life is in danger due to her pregnancy they won't clearly come out and say that yes, she can get an abortion.  While I don't think I'd ever choose abortion for myself, that choice needs to be made available.  I also believe that the American College of Gynecology (ACOG) or the American Medical Association (AMA) should be the entity to determine at what gestation abortion is allowed until.  You know, doctors.  Doctors that deal with pregnant women for a living.  Not some dude that's really good at raising campaign money and schmoozing.

2. Healthcare for all, not just those that can afford it - His comment that people can get healthcare at an emergency room is so backward it's mind boggling.  How about we give everyone healthcare so they don't have to choose between going to the doctor and paying their rent or buying food?  Why is that such a terrible idea?  Yeah, it's expensive.  But I'm already paying for expensive insurance.  If people have access to affordable healthcare, they can prevent medical problems from becoming emergency room worthy.

3. Running the country like a business - Businesses are in business to make money.  Government should not be in the business to make money (unless we're talking about physically producing paper and coin money).  Government should be there to provide services to the citizens such as infrastructure and social services.  To address the argument that charities and religious organizations can take the brunt of the social services work, I counter with a finding by Bread for the World.  They calculated that each church in the country would have to spend $50,000 a year for the next ten years to replace Paul Ryan’s $133 billion in cuts to food nutrition programs.  The government social services programs aren't perfect, but I believe there needs to be a centralized government program that serves the needs of all regardless of religion, sexual orientation, or location.  His history of outsourcing makes my hackles go up, being on the receiving end of jobs being sent overseas.

4. He looks evil as hell.  

So obviously my choice was...

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