Monday, March 18, 2013

Salvaged Mickey Mouse Shirt

In my Pinterest overload, I'd seen bleach pen t-shirts. Oh, I've seen lots of bleach pen shirts on Pinterest.

It seemed pretty self-explanatory.
1. Mark out pattern onto shirt.
2. Put cardboard between so it doesn't bleed through to the back.
3. Trace with bleach pen.
4. Rinse off and wash.

I think my first mistake was to combine freezer paper and bleach pen DIY.  
 Bleaching away

I found the Mickey picture online and cut it out of the freezer paper using an exacto knife and my cutting mat. I then ironed it onto the shirt (waxy side down!). So far, so good. 

I took the bleach pen and colored in the spots that I had cut away.  From my research, it was supposed to take 15-30 minutes to start bleaching.  I waited over an hour with no real results other than a bleach-induced headache.

I peeled the paper off to find this hot mess.  What I thought was just the color of the bleach gel was the shirt getting ever so much lighter. 


I should have immediately peeled off the freezer paper after the bleach pen process so I could have seen how the image was taking the bleach.  As it was, I was bleaching blind and it seeped under the paper.  Because I had paid a whole $3 for the shirt, I had to salvage it.  I come from a long line of wrapping paper savers.  Saving is in my blood.   

Enter DIY process #2: fabric paint.

I wanted to just clean up the lines, so I made another freezer paper stencil.  This time, I used some fabric paint (for the love of God, don't use puffy paint - it's not the 80's) and a spongy brush.  

  Let's just call it vintage.

It's not perfect, but you can actually tell it's Mickey.  

  Does it look like she's trying 
to get away?  She was.

It went quite nicely with a Mickey Mouse skirt I bought from uniquejas on Etsy.   

What I learned:

 - If you're going to use a bleach pen, don't do a very intricate design.  The bleach bleeds a bit and muddles your design.   
 - Take off the pattern immediately so you can see what's happening.
 - Freezer paper stencils are really easy to do with fabric paint.
 - Cora likes Disney characters from afar.   

Update 5.20.13:  I have more Disney DIY crafts here, here, and here.  

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