Monday, March 11, 2013

We've got ears, say cheers! (at least I think that's what they say)

My kid has an issue with hair accessories.  She refuses to wear barrettes or headbands, which is a bit of a pain in the ass because with her hair style (and I hesitate to call it a style), she many times gets mistaken for a boy.  People thought I was a boy when I was a kid due to my permed mushroom cut (thanks mom!) and I hated it.  I try to walk the line with Cora.  I don't want to shower her in glitter and pink, but I'd like her to stop being called a he.

I kept this in mind when deciding to buy or make Mickey ears for her.  I could spend an hour and some yarn I already had on hand, or spend $15-20(? I have no idea how much they actually cost) on a pair at Disney and end up storing them in the stroller the whole time.

 This ball moves around less than a toddler.

The pattern I used was Minnie Mouse Headband from Jennifer Pionk.  It came together very quickly, even after having to crochet the base part twice.  The trick is to weave the store-bought elastic headband through as you go - this isn't noted in the pattern notes that I saw.  I left off the bow because Cora's more of a Mickey girl than a Minnie girl. 

Another thing I'd do differently is to sew the base to the headband.  While putting it on and taking it off, it gets a little twisted where it's woven.  I think if the ends were tacked down at each weave, I'd want to throw it out the window less.  

My guess was right, she refused to wear the damn thing during the entire trip.  Therefore there aren't any action shots of it.  To be honest, I don't even know where it is now.

Scott did manage to get her to wear a Minnie Mouse baseball hat with ears that we bought in the resort shop at the Boardwalk.  He's still trying to get her to wear it around here.  She mostly refuses it everytime.  It's the fashion equivalent to trying to make fetch happen. 

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