Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Accident

I've known people that laugh inappropriately when in an really uncomfortable situation.  I think it's a good defense mechanism.  Maybe not apropos at the time, but it's a way to deal with stress.

When I'm stressed, I lean on humor.  Hard. 

The girls and I were rear ended on Tuesday while heading home from an impromptu lunch date with Scott.  We're all fine, I have a little scrape on my elbow but that's it.  The car's totaled, so I'm driving a rental. 

The girls were understandably freaked out.  I eventually got them calmed down by wearing Lily in the Beco (babywearing FTW!)and snuggling Cora in her carseat while she read some random book we had in the car about raccoons. 

The medics came by a few times to check on us to see if we needed anything looked at.  I mentioned that Lily had a dirty diaper as a result of the crash, so if he could change her it would be helpful.  He laughed, but Lily's diaper stayed dirty. 

There were a few more GOLDEN jokes I used with the cop, but they were met with a stone face.  I'm basically a Bloater brother.

So in other words, I have a car to research and buy sometime in the next 8 days and 2 new carseats to assemble and put into my rental car.  Obviously, I cleaned the house and wrote this blog post first. 

Did I mention I also procrastinate when I'm stressed?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gardening Evolution

Year 1:

Buy house with 5 acres in late Summer.  Previous owners have large 3/4 acre garden a ways back from the house.  Don't want to deal with it, but happily eat left behind veg.

Year 2:

Want garden.  Don't want giant garden.  Believe self to be crunchy and organic. Read All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More In Less Space by Mel Bartholemew.
Am pregnant - due in July.  Make husband buy boards and peat moss and compost and vermiculite.  Assemble 4 ft. x 8 ft. raised bed garden in location of previous garden.  Plant seeds/plants.  Shit - realize garden is really far away from house.  Hook together every hose we own to reach garden.

Pregnant lady and garden.

Approximately 2 weeks after planting garden, get admitted to hospital for preeclampsia.  Have baby 4 days later at 30 weeks gestation.  Forget about garden until about mid-August.  Oops. 

Year 3:

Make husband move raised bed form and expensive soil from BFE to flowerbed next to house.  Add another 4x8 raised bed.  Get rain barrel.  Get compost tumbler.  Still think self to be granola.  Start seeds indoors.  Seeds fail miserably.  Possible combination of toddler and 3 fat cats that like to sit on seed starting tray.
Good intentions.

Seeds that survive are a crap shoot.  Did not label seedlings properly after transferring to larger containers.  Every plant a surprise.  Garden does fairly well.  Realize that I don't actually eat some of that stuff that I planted.

Not too shabby.

Enough peppers to make one batch of hot pepper jelly.

Year 4:
Pregnant again, due in late August.  Seedlings do a bit better.  Using some heirloom seeds.  Plant asparagus crowns to harvest next year.  Realize that Mr. Bartholemew is a bit skimpy in his spacing allowances between plants. 

Seed starting with toddler assistance.

Preecclampsia again.  Baby born at 32 weeks.  Garden forgotten until mid-August.  Fight cabbage worms for my kale.  Worms win.

Forgotten watermelon next to my size 10 shoe.

Year 5:  Present Day

Realize there are still potatoes in the ground that weren't harvested last year.  Need to dig up before planting anything else.  2 asparagus spears are currently popped through.  Daffodils still in garden because forgot to transfer in Fall to flower beds.  Are still pretty.

No seedlings this year, buying heirloom seedlings directly from Glass Rooster Cannery or Sambuca's GreenhouseOnly planting foods that we actually eat.  Need to formulate plan re:cabbage worms that is still crunchy.    

Friday, April 12, 2013

Babywearing at Walt Disney World

Passporter posted an article written by me about babywearing and strollers at Walt Disney World today.  It's only natural that within minutes of seeing that it was up, Cora had an accident on the floor. Keeps me grounded, she does.

Scott's main concern was me posting a picture of him in matching tie dye to a national audience.  Also, that's totally a kid's stretchy headband I bought in the resort gift shop.  Pro tip:  Don't get bangs a week before you go to Florida. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lily and Harrison's Baptism

My cousin and I are apparently on the same timetable when it comes to having kids.  My Cora was born 3 years ago in May, her Macy was born 3 years ago in November.  My Lily was born last year in June, her Harrison was born last year in September. 

Since we moved away from our hometown, Scott and I never really got established at a church here.  It's something we should have done before kids, because I've had a hard time finding a church that didn't have service right at Cora's lunch/naptime.  I also have a very hard time with the thought of leaving her in the nursery with people I've never met. 

Our family is almost all concentrated in one area, so we decided to avoid unnecessary travel and get the girls baptized there.  Obviously getting the kids baptized at the same time made the most sense.  Lily and Harrison were baptized on St. Patrick's Day. 

 It was too much excitement for Lily.  Also as the day progressed, 
static cling overtook my dress.

With the older kids after the baptism, we split off seperately and went out to eat with our close family.  This time, we decided to host a covered dish in the church basement.  It was nice to be able to let the kids run and not have to rush. 

I went to trusty Pinterest for decoration ideas.  Pictures I pinned are here.  My general theme was: pink, blue, burlap, and white.  This changed a bit as I had to adapt to what fabrics I could find. 

I wrote down the number of tables wrong, so instead of all white tablecloths, we had 2 green tablecloths thrown into the mix.  The tablerunners are from burlap that I bought from JoAnn's and cut.  Warning: Burlap smells terrible.  As much as I tried, you can't handwash or Febreeze that stink away.  The tulips just happened to be what Kroger had in stock and they're in canning jars as vases.  

I wanted some sort of backdrop for the dessert table.  With chalkboards being the thing right now, who was I to resist?  I used this tutorial to turn a black science fair board into a "chalkboard."  For the letters, I freehanded using the Frenchy font as a guide first with pencil and then with a white out pen.  The banner is from A Fete Beckons on Etsy and the tablecloth is leftover burlap.  Cake and cookies came from Litty's, so they were kind of amazing.  

Across the front of the dessert table, I strung these pre-cut quilting strips onto ribbon.  As you can see from the other table, we didn't go hungry. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

I can see clearly now

No wonder I couldn't see out of those contacts I got when I was pregnant with Lily.  Pregnancy messes with everything. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adventures with Fabric Paint

Ah bleach pens, you done me wrong.  I'm going to have to let you go.  You've officially been replaced with fabric paint.

After the Mickey Mouse shirt bleach pen debacle, I've learned to embrace fabric paint and freezer paper stencils.  It's so much more forgiving.

I'm totally on the chevron bandwagon.
Here's a relatively quick explanation of how I used freezer paper and fabric paint to make one of a kind onesies for my daughter for our Walt Disney World Vacation.  In retrospect, I should have been spending my time making bibs.  This kid is a little refluxy.  Lesson learned.

Step 1
Print out your image at the correct size.  You probably don't want to use too detailed an image.  You have to cut them manually, unless you have a Silhouette to do the cutting for you.  Tape this to a surface you won't mind cutting.  I used this.  You could also use a larger cutting board.

Step 2
Place a piece of freezer paper (not wax paper, not parchment paper, just freezer paper) over the printed paper and tape down.  Make sure the shiny/waxy side is down.  Trace around the areas that you'd like to cut.  With a more detailed image this can be a bit confusing.  Whatever you cut out will be what will be painted on your onesie.  Is that a negative image?  I over think these things and then my mind wanders to thoughts like "Is Roquefort from Aristocats the same voice actor as Winnie the Pooh?"It might help to shade in the areas that you want cut so you don't mix it up halfway through cutting.  Using your  X-Acto Knife (I have this one.  I'm glad I spent the few extra dollars for the more comfortable option.)   Cut out your stencil.

Step 3
Dump all of the water out of your iron and let it heat up.  Put the onesie on your ironing board (I used a wooden cutting board instead) and iron out any wrinkles.  When the fabric is cool to the touch, lay out your pieces of freezer paper on the onesie - shiny side down.  Once they're in the right place, iron them down.  It helps to pick up and move the iron vs. sliding it.  Make sure the edges are sealed.  The heat of the iron melts that shiny waxy stuff onto your shirt.  Don't worry, it peels off very easily.
Keep going, just a few more steps.
Step 4
For some unknown reason, they still make puffy fabric paint.  Don't buy that.  There are a lot of elements from the 80's coming back, but I hope to God that puff paint isn't one of them.  This is the kind that I bought.  It came with some small brushes, but I used a foam dauber brush that I got in a $1 bin at Wal-Mart. 

Once the fabric cools, slide a piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt.  Paint over the exposed areas of your stencil.  This may require a few coats to get to the right look that you want.  A few thinner coats seems to hold up better than one thick coat.

Step 5
Let the paint dry completely and peel off the freezer paper.  Be careful as you peel around the edges.

Step 6
Heat your dry iron back up.  Put a pillowcase or another piece of fabric over the painted area.  Run the iron over the covered painted area to heat set the paint.

 Totes adorbs.

I like that I was able to make Disney stuff for the kids that was a bit more understated than the OMG DISNEY PRINCESSES GLITTER stuff that I've found in the stores.