Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gardening Evolution

Year 1:

Buy house with 5 acres in late Summer.  Previous owners have large 3/4 acre garden a ways back from the house.  Don't want to deal with it, but happily eat left behind veg.

Year 2:

Want garden.  Don't want giant garden.  Believe self to be crunchy and organic. Read All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More In Less Space by Mel Bartholemew.
Am pregnant - due in July.  Make husband buy boards and peat moss and compost and vermiculite.  Assemble 4 ft. x 8 ft. raised bed garden in location of previous garden.  Plant seeds/plants.  Shit - realize garden is really far away from house.  Hook together every hose we own to reach garden.

Pregnant lady and garden.

Approximately 2 weeks after planting garden, get admitted to hospital for preeclampsia.  Have baby 4 days later at 30 weeks gestation.  Forget about garden until about mid-August.  Oops. 

Year 3:

Make husband move raised bed form and expensive soil from BFE to flowerbed next to house.  Add another 4x8 raised bed.  Get rain barrel.  Get compost tumbler.  Still think self to be granola.  Start seeds indoors.  Seeds fail miserably.  Possible combination of toddler and 3 fat cats that like to sit on seed starting tray.
Good intentions.

Seeds that survive are a crap shoot.  Did not label seedlings properly after transferring to larger containers.  Every plant a surprise.  Garden does fairly well.  Realize that I don't actually eat some of that stuff that I planted.

Not too shabby.

Enough peppers to make one batch of hot pepper jelly.

Year 4:
Pregnant again, due in late August.  Seedlings do a bit better.  Using some heirloom seeds.  Plant asparagus crowns to harvest next year.  Realize that Mr. Bartholemew is a bit skimpy in his spacing allowances between plants. 

Seed starting with toddler assistance.

Preecclampsia again.  Baby born at 32 weeks.  Garden forgotten until mid-August.  Fight cabbage worms for my kale.  Worms win.

Forgotten watermelon next to my size 10 shoe.

Year 5:  Present Day

Realize there are still potatoes in the ground that weren't harvested last year.  Need to dig up before planting anything else.  2 asparagus spears are currently popped through.  Daffodils still in garden because forgot to transfer in Fall to flower beds.  Are still pretty.

No seedlings this year, buying heirloom seedlings directly from Glass Rooster Cannery or Sambuca's GreenhouseOnly planting foods that we actually eat.  Need to formulate plan re:cabbage worms that is still crunchy.    

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