Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lily and Harrison's Baptism

My cousin and I are apparently on the same timetable when it comes to having kids.  My Cora was born 3 years ago in May, her Macy was born 3 years ago in November.  My Lily was born last year in June, her Harrison was born last year in September. 

Since we moved away from our hometown, Scott and I never really got established at a church here.  It's something we should have done before kids, because I've had a hard time finding a church that didn't have service right at Cora's lunch/naptime.  I also have a very hard time with the thought of leaving her in the nursery with people I've never met. 

Our family is almost all concentrated in one area, so we decided to avoid unnecessary travel and get the girls baptized there.  Obviously getting the kids baptized at the same time made the most sense.  Lily and Harrison were baptized on St. Patrick's Day. 

 It was too much excitement for Lily.  Also as the day progressed, 
static cling overtook my dress.

With the older kids after the baptism, we split off seperately and went out to eat with our close family.  This time, we decided to host a covered dish in the church basement.  It was nice to be able to let the kids run and not have to rush. 

I went to trusty Pinterest for decoration ideas.  Pictures I pinned are here.  My general theme was: pink, blue, burlap, and white.  This changed a bit as I had to adapt to what fabrics I could find. 

I wrote down the number of tables wrong, so instead of all white tablecloths, we had 2 green tablecloths thrown into the mix.  The tablerunners are from burlap that I bought from JoAnn's and cut.  Warning: Burlap smells terrible.  As much as I tried, you can't handwash or Febreeze that stink away.  The tulips just happened to be what Kroger had in stock and they're in canning jars as vases.  

I wanted some sort of backdrop for the dessert table.  With chalkboards being the thing right now, who was I to resist?  I used this tutorial to turn a black science fair board into a "chalkboard."  For the letters, I freehanded using the Frenchy font as a guide first with pencil and then with a white out pen.  The banner is from A Fete Beckons on Etsy and the tablecloth is leftover burlap.  Cake and cookies came from Litty's, so they were kind of amazing.  

Across the front of the dessert table, I strung these pre-cut quilting strips onto ribbon.  As you can see from the other table, we didn't go hungry. 

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