Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Accident

I've known people that laugh inappropriately when in an really uncomfortable situation.  I think it's a good defense mechanism.  Maybe not apropos at the time, but it's a way to deal with stress.

When I'm stressed, I lean on humor.  Hard. 

The girls and I were rear ended on Tuesday while heading home from an impromptu lunch date with Scott.  We're all fine, I have a little scrape on my elbow but that's it.  The car's totaled, so I'm driving a rental. 

The girls were understandably freaked out.  I eventually got them calmed down by wearing Lily in the Beco (babywearing FTW!)and snuggling Cora in her carseat while she read some random book we had in the car about raccoons. 

The medics came by a few times to check on us to see if we needed anything looked at.  I mentioned that Lily had a dirty diaper as a result of the crash, so if he could change her it would be helpful.  He laughed, but Lily's diaper stayed dirty. 

There were a few more GOLDEN jokes I used with the cop, but they were met with a stone face.  I'm basically a Bloater brother.

So in other words, I have a car to research and buy sometime in the next 8 days and 2 new carseats to assemble and put into my rental car.  Obviously, I cleaned the house and wrote this blog post first. 

Did I mention I also procrastinate when I'm stressed?

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