Thursday, May 30, 2013

Healthy(ier) Poptarts - The Pintester Movement

Cora needs a snack before bed each night.  Because this is after she has had her bath, I'd really like to keep it as non-messy as possible.  Scott introduced her to PopTarts a few months ago; and she hasn't looked back.  I'm not a fan of this arrangement, but seeing as I haven't come up with anything better yet, it remains.

A few months ago I pinned a recipe or two for "healthy" poptarts.  That's as far as I got.  Pastry dough and I don't get along well.  Pastry dough with a toddler helper is just a disaster.  

Along comes the Pintester Movement.  

"The idea is that a bunch of bloggers and crafters from around the interwebs all got together and decided to take on a craft or project we’ve been putting off because we’ve been too scared to do it. This is our excuse and our motivation to get it done!"

Fine, you've got me.  I'll do it.  I mean, we're out of PopTarts and I have all of the ingredients on hand.

The recipe I chose is here.  I don't know if I'd call 2 sticks of butter healthy, but I'm just going to roll with it.  

I got my fancy freshly ground whole wheat flour (purchased here) out of the freezer. 

Threw some into the bowl of my stand mixer with some salt.

Added some butter.  This is when I really started to question the healthiness of the recipe.   

 Added some yogurt.

And mixed it up until it became doughy.  

At this point I had to feed the girls, so the dough rested for about an hour in the bowl.  The recipe suggests letting it rest overnight to "break down the phytic acid and make the grains more digestible."  So yeah, that's what I was doing.  That's the ticket!  Random Jon Lovitz reference, anyone?

Then I rolled it out on the counter.  You can tell how well this was going.   

I cut it into general PopTart sized rectangles. 

Then I matched up tops and bottoms that were close in shape and size.  

I found these for fillings.
FYI - Justin is a liar.  There are almonds in that hazelnut butter too.  Almonds that want to rip out my digestive system.  

My helper called dibs on the rolling pin. 

I filled them.  

Crimped them closed with a fork.

And baked them.  I think the recipe was supposed to make 15-20.  Mine made 10.  They weren't so much a flaky pastry dough, more of a smooshed jelly sandwich.  

The jelly filling was molten lava hot.  That's fun.  

Cora enjoyed one filled with hazelnut butter once they cooled. 

If I were to make these again, I might replace half or all of the butter with coconut oil.  It calls for a cup though, so the coconut flavor might overpower the fillings. 

I'd like to thank Sonja at Pintester for coming up with such a fun challenge! 

What are some other bedtime snack ideas for a 3 year old that don't require a second bath?


  1. Wow, that's a big project just for poptarts. ;) They look delicious though!

    1. I wish I had more interesting fillings. I had fresh strawberries that I should have mashed as a filling. Maybe next time.

  2. I wondered how that recipe would turn out! I'm hoping with summer = later dinner = no snack needed. BUT until then, we do lots of dry cereal + raisin 'trail mix'. M&Ms or other random surprise thrown in more often than not.

    1. We're trying to start night potty training, so I'm trying to find something that will be filling enough that she won't want her night time milk too. It's a hard habit to break. She KNOWS when we give her less milk than normal.

  3. You did a lot of work on these, but it's worth it if little one can help out, I think :) Good job!

    1. She's ALL ABOUT cooking with me. She even has her own apron.