Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Road Trippin' - Southwest Ohio Edition

We began Memorial Day weekend a bit out of sorts.  I had forgotten it was a holiday weekend and got a bit worked up that we weren't actually doing anything special.  No cookout planned.  No parade to watch.  Nothing.  I even joked that I wish I knew someone graduating from high school so we'd have a graduation party to go to. I halfheartedly looked at the Discover Ohio website, but nothing really looked appealing. 

We decided on Saturday night that we'd leave early Sunday morning and go to Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  We got there at about 11 am and had lunch at their sit down restaurant, The Golden Jersey Inn.  Unless I was in a hurry, I'd eat there over the counter service restaurant they have.  It was a much more relaxed atmosphere and Cora able to eat undistracted.

Because I ordered off of the dinner menu instead of the breakfast menu, the waitress brought out a cheese sampler plate.  There was a really good sharp cheddar, Italian cheese curds, and a swiss.  Cora enjoyed the grapes and zucchini bread that were on the cheese plate. 

After lunch, we walked over to the activity section of the complex.  Most of the activities were geared for older kids, but there was an area called Cowvin's Kiddie Corral for kids 48" and under.  There were slides, a bounce house, straw bales to climb, and a tub of corn to play in.  There were also pedal tractors, but she wasn't interested.

She also rode on the Moovers and Shakers ride, which is essentially a golf cart pulling 50 gallon drum "cars."  She loved it.  I think she would have ridden it all day.  

She wasn't really interested in the petting zoo part of the place.  There were some dairy goats, calves, and hogs in the cleanest barn I've ever seen.

We finally convinced her to leave with the promise of ice cream.

At this point, we decided to stay the night.  I nearly booked a night online at the Cincinnati Marriott North in the parking lot of the hotel for $199, but I didn't feel like typing all of that stuff into my phone.  I'm glad I didn't - the room was only $129 for a room with a king bed and a pull-out couch.  Cora and I even had time for a swim in the indoor pool before bed that night.  

Snack time in the hotel room
 The next morning we were up before 6.  That's what happens when you go to bed at 9 pm.  We weren't sure if we were going to go to Jungle Jim's or Ikea, but since it was so early we managed to go to both.  

Our Jungle Jim's haul almost always consists of random pastries from the bakery and cookies and sweets from the international food aisles.  

I planned on buying some small stuff at Ikea, but somehow we ended up buying a new kitchen table and chairs.  Having a minivan makes these impulse buys possible.  

There are a few other places we considered going to if time would have allowed such as the Cincinnati Zoo and the Children's Museum at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  I didn't want to push it, so we came home in time for naps on Monday.  

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