Sunday, May 19, 2013

Everybody Wants to be a Cat

Today was Cora's birthday party.  The theme was loosely Aristocats/French-ish stuff.  Here's my Pinterest board where I organized my ideas. 

Obviously I didn't take any pictures of any of my cute decorations or a family picture.  I think the only family picture we have ever was taken in front of Cinderella's castle in Walt Disney World by a cast member.  We're wearing matching tie dye.  We should really remedy this situation. 

I mostly used paper decorations.  There were black and white damask-ish paper lanterns and puffy pink tissue balls hanging above the table and in the picture window.  Flowers were light pink mini carnations and baby's breath in jelly jars.

H&M carries Aristocats clothing for little girls.  Cora had a black and white polka dot Marie dress and Lily had a teal Marie onesie. 

Cora's cake was Marie from The Aristocats.  It was adorable and delicious.

After a brunch of  ham and egg bake and French toast casserole (both delicious) and berries, she opened presents. 

There were lots of outdoorsy/artsy gifts.  I anticipate spending the next week on the deck. 

We came in to sing Happy Birthday and to eat cake.  She very meticulously blew out each candle during the song.  She then yanked the candles out of the cake.   We don't mess around about cake. 

The afternoon was spent in the backyard.  She alternated between digging in the sandbox, painting with sidewalk paint, and supervising the building of her new swing set.  

I didn't even try to get her to nap this afternoon, so she passed out at about 6:45. 

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