Thursday, June 13, 2013

Derechos. Derechoes? Derechii?

Last summer's big storm came at an interesting time in our lives.  It was the end of June and I was pregnant with Lily.  Pregnant and preecclamptic.

I was scheduled to have her via c/s the next morning.  That night during the storm, the power went out in the hospital.  The backup generators kicked on, but those didn't power the HVAC system.  Do you know what is nice to have when you're pregnant and on a magnesium sulfate drip?  Air conditioning.

I wasn't the person for whom to feel sorry though.  That was the woman in the room next door that they were wheeling into the OR for a c/s 10 minutes later.  The hospital was at full power when Lily was delivered.

We were also due to attend the wedding of my sister's sister-in-law the next day.  Driving from the rehearsal to the dinner that night, my sister noticed the back of her truck starting to lift in the high winds.  They managed to turn down a side street and out of the path of whatever specific weather event it was that decided to pick up their truck. 

Cut to this year.  The storm was set to come through in the middle of the night instead of early evening.  Lily woke up for a bottle at 1:30 and I turned on the TV to check things out.  We'd never gone to the basement for a night storm before, but Jym Ganahl was using the term "severe tornado warning" for our area.

At about 1:40, we all made our way down the the basement.  Cora was entertained by a flashlight and Lily was happy for a change of scenery.  My TuneIn app failed me when I tried to turn on the local radio station that was playing Channel 4's weather feed.  It told me it wasn't available and started playing a station out of Coral Gables, Florida.  That was less than helpful.

The worst part of the storm passed and we headed upstairs.  Lily finally fell asleep after telling me a 10 minute story, throwing her pacifier on the floor and saying "uh-oh" for 5 minutes, and finally being rocked to sleep for another 10 minutes.  Cora requested a snack, so we shared a poptart and finally got back into bed around 3:30.
No wind damage and less than an inch of rain.  I'll take it. 

Obviously, I switched to a darker roast coffee this morning. 

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