Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A decision I immediately regret

...and continue to regret with greater vigor as time passes.

Meet Mickey and Minnie, our Xiphophorus maculatus fish.  Common name Mickey Mouse Platy, so named for the Mickey head and ears markings on the body.  
They're in there somewhere

Here's the timeline:

Sunday morning - Delaware Meijer:  Lily and I are in the grocery section and Scott and Cora wander over to us.  Him with something hidden behind his back.  Her saying "P-neeeaassseeee"  You see, she pronounces her "L" sound as an "N" sound. 

It was a 1.5 gallon fish tank.  Apparently 25% off.  There was also a small pineapple figurine, in which a popular trouser-wearing aquatic invertebrate might live. 

Tuesday evening - Westerville Meijer:  I spent a few hours at the zoo with the kids.  This was followed by no naps for either child and just general chaos.  Obviously we went out to dinner and to buy fish for the tank.  We make awesome decisions.

Scott jokingly told the guy not to get a pregnant one. 

We not only have a pregnant fish, but a male fish to keep her company.

Did I mention they're live-bearing fish? 

I'm hoping one of them doesn't make it through the night and we can go get a companion snail as a replacement.  Is that wrong?  I didn't sign up to be a fish farmer. 


  1. Ha! I'm sitting here staring at a algae incrusted tank....

  2. I remember having a Betta in high school and putting the vase and glass beads in the "barn dishwasher" to clean.