Monday, September 9, 2013

Better left to an expert

Cora started her third week of preschool today.  She still loves it.  We still love it.  Hugs and kisses all around.

One of her "homework" assignments is to bring in a family photo and a paragraph explaining our hopes and dreams for her.  We aren't good at family photos.  This is a recurring theme.  When I went to make the slideshow for our wedding, there were a grand total of 8 photos of Scott and I together.  We had been dating for 2 years at that point, so one would assume we'd have more than that. 

The most recent family photo that we have is from our February trip to Walt Disney World.  In it, Lily is sleeping in the Beco and Cora looks like we just woke her up. 

This *is* my smile, mom.
We went to Scott's parents' house yesterday and decided to try to get a picture while we were there.  This didn't go well for a number of reasons. 
1.  I had taken an antiobiotic-induced 2 hour nap (Do antibiotic ear drops make you sleepy like regular antibiotics?  Let's just say yes.) and had post-nap hair.
2.  Cora never seems to look at the camera during pictures.
3.  Lily is 14 months old and acts accordingly.

The best picture we had included my crazy hair, Cora holding out a flower, and Lily's closed eyes.  Scott "fixed" it and posted it to Facebook.  

When I commented that he did a poor job, he "fixed" it again.

This of course reminded me that we need to get actual professional family pictures taken soon.  Here's where I plug my friend Alana's beautiful photography and seemingly endless patience with my constantly-moving kids.

Cora one year ago.  Photo by

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