Monday, September 16, 2013

"Do you like lost things, mommy?" aka Fall Mantle for less than $5

Cora has a bit of a Tinkerbell obsession.  It's the only "girly" Disney movie I'll allow her to watch.  My reasoning is that Tinkerbell has a job and her story isn't a "waiting for the boy" story.  I do have some concerns about the practicality of her outfit in her line of work though. 

Tinkerbell uses "lost things" to make her little inventions, so in that same vein I went in search of lost things to put together my Fall mantle this year.  In total, I spent $4.78, plus tax. 

1. Goodwill candlesticks - $0.50 each.  The two on the left were clear glass and the tall one can best be described as the color of C3PO.  I painted these white using leftover paint from the baseboard in Cora's room.  Spray paint would have looked better, but I was in a hurry.  The pumpkins were $0.76 each at a local nursery. 

2.  This project is a bit of a combination of two different projects I found on Pinterest.  I liked the look of some matted pumpkins on eighteen25, but didn't have the time to actually go to JoAnn's and buy them.  Instead, I found this project on Craft-O-Maniac that used yarn, cottonballs, and sticks.  I have those! 

First, find a frame with a picture of Cora in the NICU.  Remove picture. 

Next, find pretty chevron paper. 

I found Chevron paper here at Amazing by Design in easy to download .pdf files. 

I wrapped yarn around the cotton balls and laid them out on the frame.   At this point, I realized 3 things.  1.  If I only do two, they'll look like boobs.  2.  I should probably put the paper in front of the glass. 3.  That color is more "River View old gold" than pumpkin orange. 

Hello, old friend.
I put a very generous dollop of hot glue down for each pumpkin and pressed it down. 

Finally, I kind of wedged some sticks into the tops of the pumpkins and called it a day. 

3.  For the textured owl, I mostly word for word followed Delia Creates' tutorial.  That post was a big driver to push me to see how cheaply I could do my mantle.  The split peas at Meijer were $1.00 and I just used Elmer's glue.  I would suggest attempting the gluing inside a large tupperware container.  I found the board in the garage and the orange paint was in the basement.

4.  I've been using this same picture frame for every single mantle.  I just wrap the matte in something new each time.  This time, it was orange chevron paper from Amazing by Design again.   The centerpiece is a free printable from in-site-full.  

5.  This burlap is a leftover table runner I made from Lily and Harrison's baptism this past Spring.  The flower in the middle was on my Spring wreath.  I think it came from JoAnn's. 

Not bad for something cobbled together from lost things and less than $5.00 in new things.

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  1. Cute! And now I'm officially feeling lazy because I never re-decorate the mantle unless the cat climbs on it and breaks something.

  2. Full disclosure: The stuff I took down right before putting this up was from my daughter's birthday party. From May.