Friday, October 11, 2013

The least exciting excitement

We've been a bit busy round these parts lately.  A large part of the past 2 weeks' activities have revolved around our HVAC system.  Yep, riveting stuff.

The furnace/woodburner that was original to the house when it was built in the 80's finally went kaput.  Last Thursday, they came to remove that huge hulking thing.  Hearing them try to haul it up the stairs gave me a sympathy hernia.  There were 3 guys moving with with a dolly and they were still only able to take it 3 steps at a time.   

The new furnace is propane, which means we now have a giant propane tank in our yard.  The day they came to put it in, the girls were all about watching.   

Not much happens 'round these parts.

This new furnace is probably 1/4 the size (and QUIETER!) of the last one.  It's like they've improved them over the last 30 years or something.

Scott's dad was concerned that the bricks were sticking out.  He thought it would make it hard to sweep around.  Sweep?  The basement?  HAHAHAHA
So, the addition of a propane tank means that one day, when my stupid electric stove dies, I GET A GAS STOVE!  

Today, they come to run the line for the propane to the house.  We've been without heat for about a week, but between daytime sunshine warming up the house and the fact that the house is brick, the coolest it's been in here is 68.  That was quickly remedied by some baking.  Creative solutions, I say.