Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I...I just dyed in your arms tonight.

I've been listening to a little 80's on 8.  You'll have to excuse me.

In the search for matchy-matchy clothes for family photos, I was never able to come up with a yellow sweater for Cora.  I could have knit or crocheted one, but it would have taken years at the rate that I knit.  I've had luck dyeing clothing in the past, so I decided to give it another go.

I bought some liquid Rit Dye from the laundry section of Meijer.  The Rit website has tons of custom colors telling you which colors to mix to achieve the one you want.  I've always dyed directly in my washing machine, but our new washer is weird and I couldn't figure it out.

I started with Cora's white sweater and a white cotton jacket that I've had for years and hadn't worn since having kids.  For obvious reasons.

I put these on my kitchen scale (I went through an Alton Brown stage) to see how much they weighed.  The weight of your fabric will determine how much dye you need to use.  Mine was just under a pound and the instructions I used were for 1 lb. of fabric.  

I put on gloves and shook the dickens out of the dye.  I used a bucket lined with a trash bag (I don't know what used to be in that bucket) and added hot water and the dye.

The instructions say to keep it constantly moving for 30 minutes.  In this picture, you'll see that the gloves were pointless as I was mixing it with my hand.  Next time I'll wear longer gloves or stir it with a stick.  The color here looks really vibrant, but I lost some of that vibrancy when I rinsed and dried it.  If in doubt, go for a darker dye to allow for fading/rinsing.

All done!

To finish Cora's sweater, I cut the flower off of the front and crocheted a simple purple flower to put in the same spot.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family Photos

Our family photo adventure got derailed before it even started.  We were all set to get them taken a few weeks back, but I woke up that morning with abdominal pain far worse than I'd ever experienced.  Vicodin didn't touch this pain.  I've never actually been in labor (Fuck you preecclampsia!), but I thought surely this is what it must feel like.

The Urgent Care ruled out a UTI and sent me onto the ER for further tests.  I got my cat scanned and I got the most thorough transvaginal ultrasound I've ever had.  The fun part was that the pain kind of disappeared on its own sometime after about 1/2 hour at the ER.  Their conclusion was that I had an ovarian cyst that was probably causing the pain.  I was sent home with anti-nausea meds, some pain killers, a follow-up appointment with my OB, and the sound of the woman across the hall coughing etched in my mind forever.

I'm fine.  The cyst was gone at my follow-up appointment.  They're still not sure if that was the reason for the pain.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah - family photos.  Pardon the tangent.

So I was in the ER when we were supposed to get family photos done on that day.  We got them done 2 weeks later and they look great!

I decided to dress us a bit matchy matchy.  I chose denim, chocolate brown, purple, and mustard yellow.  Almost everything was easy to find, aside from a yellow cardigan for Cora.  I ended up dyeing a white one she already had and it came out pretty well.  I also replaced the flower details on the girls' tops with contrasting hand-crocheted flowers.

Of course Lily hid one of her shoes that morning, so we had to scramble to find another pair that would look ok.  Oh and then I didn't actually think about shoes for Cora and she ended up wearing her house slippers.

Photo by Alana Clark Photography

Somehow Alana actually caught a few moments of all of us without the dreaded derp face.  The girls were a little uncooperative, but I expected that.  This is our first family photo since Lily was born.  I don't think we even have any candids of all four of us.
You want me to throw leaves on her head?  Well, if you insist.

I never sleep, but I'm so cute that it doesn't matter.

Thanks to Alana Clark for capturing the moments in amongst the crazy!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Is this thing on?

Well, I took an unexpected hiatus from the blog.  Cora's in full-time preschool as of last week (she LOVES it!), and Lily and I have been hanging out and running errands.  It doesn't make much for interesting stories.

Yesterday, we took down the creepy scarecrow on the front porch.  Every time I drove up the driveway, his slouched pose freaked me out.

Other than that, we had our family photos done last week.  They turned out really well.  I'll have a post up later with some of those.  I dyed a sweater for Cora for her outfit, and I'll have a step by step how-to for that too.

Um....OH!  I'm taking part in a Christmas City Swap over at Allie Lehman's blog.  You should do it too!  You need to be signed up by November 22nd.  There's a whole range of price tiers available -  from just swapping a card up to swapping $100 worth of local goodies.

Lily just brought me a block to play with, so I'm off!