Friday, November 8, 2013

Is this thing on?

Well, I took an unexpected hiatus from the blog.  Cora's in full-time preschool as of last week (she LOVES it!), and Lily and I have been hanging out and running errands.  It doesn't make much for interesting stories.

Yesterday, we took down the creepy scarecrow on the front porch.  Every time I drove up the driveway, his slouched pose freaked me out.

Other than that, we had our family photos done last week.  They turned out really well.  I'll have a post up later with some of those.  I dyed a sweater for Cora for her outfit, and I'll have a step by step how-to for that too.

Um....OH!  I'm taking part in a Christmas City Swap over at Allie Lehman's blog.  You should do it too!  You need to be signed up by November 22nd.  There's a whole range of price tiers available -  from just swapping a card up to swapping $100 worth of local goodies.

Lily just brought me a block to play with, so I'm off!

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