Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Dinner 2013

This is the first year that Cora's been old enough to "get" Santa, so instead of schlepping to Scott's parents house we stayed home.  The original plan was to serve brunch when his parents and sister arrived, but his sister had to work until lunch.  Full-blown Christmas lunch it is!

As a rule, I HATE most holiday food.  Mashed potatoes?  MASHED POTATOES?  How did a mushy, bland, blah food get elevated to holiday food status?  Green bean casserole?  It's like someone hocked a loogie on some mushy green beans.

Take a Kroger bouquet and break it out into 4 vases.

My goal for Christmas lunch this year was the illusion of fancy without sweating over a stove all morning.

Nailed it!

Mixed Green Salad with Walnut Honey Dressing
I bought a box of mixed greens and topped them with toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, and blue cheese crumbles (me) or shaved Parmesan (everyone else).  I made this walnut honey dressing from FunnyLove.  It was amazing.  Even my super-picky father-in-law liked it.  I did add a bit more honey than the recipe called for.

Honeybaked Ham
My favorite kind of leftover is honeybaked ham leftover.

Sweet Potato Souffle
This was from Honeybaked Ham too.  It's pretty much candy.

Duchess Potatoes
As I said, I don't like mashed potatoes to begin with.  I was looking for a recipe that would allow me to peel, boil, and mash them the day before but that didn't call for sour cream or cream cheese (picky husband).  I used this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  Aside from blowing out the seam in the pastry bag (twice!), they were fairly easy to make.  They weren't a hit though.  I think next time, I'll just delegate day-of mashed potatoes to someone else.

It wouldn't be a holiday in Ohio if there weren't noodles.  I just boiled some Reames frozen egg noodles in some chicken broth.

Glazed Carrots
My family has been making the recipe from the red and white gingham Better Homes and Garden New Cookbook aka "The Good Book" for years.

Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries
I used another Pioneer Woman recipe for these.  They were amazing, but took closer to an hour to brown up in our oven vs. the 30 minutes the recipe calls for.  I did have to save a dish of sprouts pre-glaze for my father-in-law.  He doesn't do well with foods that are "different."

Yeasty Rolls
You can't do much better than Buehler's rolls.

And for dessert...
Soap Suds
I grew up eating this at Christmas at my Grandma's house.  It's a fluffy meringue-type dessert with bit of walnuts in between the layers.

Christmas Crackers might be a new tradition.

Paper crowns class up any occasion. 

I also made the table kind of pretty.  Paper cone trees FTW!

Happy Christmas!

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