Monday, December 30, 2013

I've rebranded, like a clothing line that was performing poorly.

I don't know, my knowledge of business terms is mostly gleaned from Alec Baldwin's character in 30 Rock.    Also, I'm hopped up on cold medicine.  Excuse me if my simile doesn't make total sense.

I took the plunge and bought  The old link will still work, but this one looks so much prettier.  Feel free to update your reader subscription if you're into that kind of thing.  (RIP Google Reader, I'll never forget you.)

For the most part, I blog to have an opportunity to use words not normally spoken while caring for small children day in and day out.  You know, words that don't come up when discussing breakfast, Mickey Mouse, potties, or coloring.  One of my biggest fears is that I'm going to be the kind of person to confuse (OR NOT CARE ABOUT!) the differences between there, their, and they're.  The more technical parts of blogging just seem like something that's good to know.

I think I'm going to finish my sleeptime tea and settle in for my fourth night of sleeping in the recliner.

Happy New Year!  I leave you with one of my favorite Jack Donaghy moments.

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  1. So sorry you are recliner sleeping, but I am very excited for you!