Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Does anyone want a cat?

There's a farm 2 houses up from us. From what I understand, the older woman that lived there passed away recently. Her children are renting the house out to a tenant.

 The farm has barn cats. One of them has migrated to our house. And won't leave. It's been coming around since the first of the year. It waits for Scott to get home from work and tries to jump in his car. It rubs against Cora's legs as she walks down the sidewalk. It tries to sneak into the house.

Oh, I'll just get the kid to like me.  That's the trick.
After a few days of it trying to sneak into the house, Scott made a cat box in the garage for it with some food and water. This was when it was still around 30 degrees outside. Then the polar vortex came.

 Two nights ago, Scott fashioned a cat crate out of some baby gates and zip ties. All was well until last night when the cat figured out how to escape. I've put the cat back into the crate no less than four times this morning and it's only 10 am.

I'm just going to blend in.  Also, this catnip is FABULOUS!

 Reasons we don't need a fourth cat:
1. We'd be the people with FOUR CATS.
2. Our grey cat is generally neurotic and hasn't fully recovered from when we took in the third cat - two years ago.
3. We'd be the people with FOUR CATS.

 I wouldn't mind just letting the cat have the run of the house until the cold snap is over, but I'd only be comfortable doing so after getting a clean bill of health from a vet. Also, the cat needs flea drops. And dewormer. And a bath.

 So what I'm trying to ask is: Does anyone want a very affectionate cat?


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