Friday, January 24, 2014

Parts of Parenting I Suck At

This is the first in what could possibly be a series.  I'm ok with that.

Today, the girls had followup doctor appointments at noon from last week's bout of bronchiolitis/croup/ear infections.

What a well planned/prepared/on top of it parent would do:
Pack a healthy, balanced, easy to eat in the car lunch for each kid.

What I did instead:

Go through McDonald's drive-thru and get a chicken nugget happy meal for the girls to split.  

Cora had the apple slices and the chicken.  Lily had some fries and whatever stale snacks I could find in the random ziploc bag I found in my purse.

PS - I always order the "boy" toys with the happy meals.  The toys are much better.  Today's was the Ice King from Adventure Time.  

Please consider this my request for in the car meal ideas that aren't going to get squished into the carpet in the van.


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