Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Central Ohio Staycation - Holiday Inn Express Polaris

If you were to ask Cora what her favorite thing is, there's a good chance her answer would involve a hotel or a hotel swimming pool.  Things to do at a hotel?  Swim, eat granola bars and drink water on the bed.  That's a vacation in her mind.  

So we decided to go on a preschooler's dream vacation last week.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at Polaris Thursday night.  We went there for the pool/toddler water park.  

We reserved a 2 bedroom suite with the hopes that sleeping in a separate room from Lily would get her to sleep in a new environment (SPOILER ALERT: nope).  The room had a kitchenette, fold out couch, and desk area in the first room and a bedroom, sitting area, and bathroom in the second room.  

This room passes the toddler test.

The kitchenette had a fridge, microwave, sink (with dishsoap), a roll of paper towels, and disposable plates, cups, and silverware for four.  It had a peninsula that would have been even better if there was a barstool or two.  

The king sized bed that Cora fell out of after I told her to get away from the edge approximately 45 times.

There was that little sitting area in the bedroom as well as that huge empty space next to the bathroom door.  I think that somehow they could have fit a table and chairs in the room somewhere, but it might involve walls being in different places.  

The pool was great for the kids.  I'd say probably 75% of the pool was 3 feet deep or shallower.  There's a good bit that's only 1 1/2 feet deep, which was fine for Lily to explore on her own a bit.  We swam the afternoon we checked in and went back when the pool opened at 8 am the next morning.

The curly slide is only open on certain weekend hours when they have a lifeguard on duty.

This was our original plan.  It was to be a test run for a vacation later this Spring to see if we could get by with a regular hotel room.

These children are liars.  At bedtime, Lily ran around the room like she was being chased.  Scott finally wrestled her into bed in the fold out couch.  Cora and I watched a movie in the bedroom until she got tired.  She fell out of the bed at about 2 am, but I don't think she actually woke up when it happened.

The next morning, we had breakfast downstairs before heading back to the pool.

It doesn't take much to entertain me.  That includes this pancake machine.  
This was a great way to break up the monotony of this terrible winter.  It was much cheaper than going to something like Great Wolf Lodge and my kids are of the age where they didn't know the difference.  

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