Monday, February 10, 2014

Nerdy Crushes

I was never one of those teen girls that crushed on a celebrity. You know, a guy like uh...umm...Honestly, I was so out of the loop that I can't even name a Tiger Beat-esque pop star/actor from the 90's. Girls liked Jonathan Taylor Thomas I think, but I feel like that was for a younger crowd, right?

That's mostly carried into adulthood. I don't really *get* the entire Ryan Gosling infatuation. Instead, I've got nerd crushes. I fangirl over men that are smart/witty/funny.  Men who aren't really known for their looks, but their minds. I know, I'm rolling my eyes at me too.  Are you really surprised that something pretentious showed up here?

 As of last night, I've seen all of my nerdy guys live.  For bonus points, I've dragged my husband to all four of the shows too.

Alton Brown
Alton Brown's Good Eats show was super nerdy.  Instead of just the "how to" of cooking, he explained the "why."  Alton brought his "Edible Inevitable" show to Ohio yesterday.  I bought the tickets in June.  For a Sunday night.  In February.  For a venue 2 hours from our home, but 30 minutes from Scott's parents' house (babysitting FTW).  We had fourth row seats.  It was awesome.  He made a reference to "Drunk Aunt Sandy" when he explained that she has established that all you need for dinner is a tablescape and vodka.

Highlights from the show include the burping and farting yeast sock puppets (to explain how bread rises), making carbonated ice cream in 10 seconds using a CO2 fire extinguisher, and a mini-lecture on ten truths he's pretty sure of about food (Spoiler alert: chickens don't have fingers).  He also sang super-witty food songs from an upcoming CD.

Alton Brown sings a lullaby about food

Alton is an avid Twitter user, but prefers to tweet in analog format.  And by that I mean he writes things on post-it notes and uploads the photos to Twitter.  Full of snark.  And win.

PS - I found old episodes of Good Eats on Amazon Prime to get my Alton fix now that we don't have the dish anymore.

Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard can walk better in heels than I can.  If it weren't for Bekah, I wouldn't have heard of him.  His jokes are so obscure and nuanced that if I tried to briefly describe one, it just wouldn't work out.  Cake or Death?

Jon Stewart
Do I need to say anything here?  Nope?  Good.

Rick Steves
On our trips to Germany, we (I) ate, slept, and breathed Rick Steves' guidebooks.  Almost every hotel we stayed in came directly from his recommendations for a "Europe through the back door" (REALLY?  You can't come up with a better way to describe this concept?) experience.

You could say he's talked me out of my clothes before.  

He came to Westerville last Spring.  I went as far as to go to the pre-lecture lecture.  He signed a book for me.  Sigh...
He's got a swagger that does not match those glasses.

You see in the imaginary world of "what if I meet my celebrity crush," mine are all guys that I can totally geek out over.  And I like it that way.

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  1. Back when Facebook was still in its infancy, before the newsfeed even started, I belonged to a group on facebook called "Jon Stewart for President.... of my Vagina." I mean, really.