Friday, May 16, 2014

Homeowner Hack: Touch-Up Paint without a Paintbrush

I could have also titled this "Kids are Hell on Walls."

We're getting ready to celebrate Cora's 4th Birthday tomorrow.  Her actual birthday was earlier in the week, but with family over an hour away, you tend to make these things happen on weekends.

Our kitchen walls around the table are full of scrapes from chairs and tables.  There was also what appeared to be a mural of splashed juice behind Lily's seat, but that was easily remedied with soap and water.  Because I'd like some cute pictures when Cora blows out her candles (CRAP - I have to go buy candles!), I decided to touch up the paint and make those marks disappear.

Seeing as how my father in law reorganizes our basement every time he comes over, I had no idea where any of the paint brushes might be.  I remembered this little trick from when I touched up the paint last year.  Can you guess my secret weapon?

Calm down, I didn't ruin the jar.  I painted the inside and I'm going to use it as a vase.
Yep!  One of those super-cheap make-up sponges.  Normally I'd use this in conjunction with a solo cup, but I had other plans today.  Because what is make-up, if not paint you put on your face?

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